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Chimney Sweeping Hertfordshire

Have you checked your chimney lately?

Competitive pricing

Cleansweep Vac Services can sweep a standard chimney for you quickly and cleanly from £44 per chimney (Discounts available in July - August). We'll also clean out your fireplace or stove including the glass. Larger chimney stacks such as inglenooks take longer and thus cost more. Removing blockages or birds nests also costs a little extra. Bird Guards, Caps and Rain Cowls cost from around £95 to install.

Industry Standard Chimney Sweeping

A single sweep of a standard sized chimney usually takes around half an hour. Brushes and rods are used and a vacuum cleaner to remove the fallen dust. The opening into your room and the carpet or flooring will be covered to avoid the soot coming back into your room. The whole of the chimney will be swept until you can see the brush sticking out of the chimney as required by the Industry Standards. If you are experiencing problems and your fire is not burning as well as usual, or is smokey or you can hear noises in the chimney then give us a call. You may need a cowl fitting and you may find that after a sweep the problem has gone. Scroll down to find our other services. 
Certificates are provided, on request, at no extra cost.

Fireplaces and Surrounds also fitted

RELIABLE Chimney Sweep in Hertfordshire, BedS and BuckS

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Payment Methods

We currently accept the following payment types;

Cash, Cheque, PayM, Direct Bank Transfer. We no longer accept payment by card as we would have to put our prices up. You can book a chimney sweep online but pay when the job is complete.

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Sweeping and Repair Services

These are the services we offer in Herts, Beds and Bucks but we do venture farther afield.




Mr Daniells the clean sweep
  • Fireplace fitting or removal
  • Servicing existing stoves or open fires
  • Roof and chimney stack surveys by drone, video / photographs supplied
  • Chimney stack repairs
  • Stove and fireplace installation by a HETAS approved installer
    (trading as GTD Installations Ltd)
  • Glass replacement and rope seal repairs for stoves
  • Annual reminder service for your chimney cleaning**
  • Early morning time slots from 7.30am*
  • Key Collection and Weekend appointments available


*Early morning slots are available on a first come first served basis but are the same price.
**Clean Sweep Vac Services and GTD Installations Ltd customers only