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Chimney Repair Services

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Chimneys need regular maintenance and if your chimney doesn't get inspected often; you could have damage similar to these photos.


We see a lot of roofs and chimneys that need work to stop them being dangerous. Contact us if you need any chimney repair, stacks repointing, permanently capping off, rebuilding or removing completely. Summer is the best time to get this work done, as roof work is dangerous in wet, damp or icy weather.


Avoid expensive chimney repairs


When soot sits in your chimney or flue liner for long periods of time, it mixes with the damp in the air and starts to corrode your chimney lining or the mortar between the bricks. You will see small bits of cement in your fireplace that has fallen down the chimney, known as parging, if you do not have a liner.  This can be expensive to fix if left for too long and can be dangerous if debris is blown, or falls off your roof. This is why we always recommend that you get your chimney swept at the end of the burning season, when the weather turns warmer.

This is usually May, June or July depending on the weather.


If you have trouble remembering when a sweep is due you could sign up for our annual reminder service. We will then send a message by email 30 days before your sweep is due so that you can book well in advance. We might even let you know when we are in your area around that time also, it just depends how booked up we are. Click here to sign up


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