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Chimney Sweeping

Have you cleaned your chimney lately?

Sweeping your chimney regularly will help you to;

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How often should I get my chimney swept?

It really depends on what you burn, how often you use it and the size of your flue. If you do not use your open fire or stove very often then once a year is probably often enough.

If you use your fire every day in the Winter months as a source of heating, rather than a 'feel good' experience then ask your chimney sweep for advice or see our recommended guidelines below.

A sweep takes around 30 - 45 mins for chimney or flue liner, depending on how dirty it is.

Fireplaces and Surrounds also fitted
  • avoid a chimney stack fire

  • avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by  blockages in the flue

  • prolong the life of your chimney or flue liner if you have a wood burning or multifuel stove and validate the warranty, especially if you clean it at the end of the burning season (Summer)

  • increase the efficiency of your fire and thus get your fire burning brighter and warmer so that you use less fuel

When is the chimney sweep in your area?

Take a look at our map to see if we sweep your town or village.

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Where can I get local fuel?

Coal and wood has now disappeared from the supermarket and the local garage, to prevent the sale of poor quality fuel that releases pollutants into the air that we breathe. Bitumous or house coal has now been banned making the UK burn only smokeless coal and / or seasoned wood. It makes sense to keep our local companies in business and to keep your carbon footprint as small as it can be. Here are local fuel suppliers that we ourselves use and trust.

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Open fires without a chimney liner 

burning only smokeless fuel : sweep once every year

burning only seasoned wood : sweep once every year

burning bitumous coal or a combination of fuels : sweep every 3 months when in daily use and once before the burning season starts again.


If you need fuel we have recommended some local suppliers below

Open fires, Multi-fuel or Wood burners with a chimney liner (or rigid flue)

burning only smokeless fuel : sweep once every year at the end of the burning season

burning only seasoned wood : sweep at the end of the season and every 3 months after you start using it again

burning bitumous coal : sweep at the end of the season  in Summer and then half way through the winter season

burning a combination of fuels : ask your chimney sweep for advice after he has swept the chimney. There are no guidelines to refer to


If you need fuel we have recommended some local suppliers below

Oil or Gas Fires and light users of solid fuel fires

Sweep once every year


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Multi-fuel or Wood burners without a chimney liner 

If you do not have a stainless steel liner, clay or pumice lined chimney your installation may be illegal and possibly unsafe. 
Ask your chimney sweep for advice after he has swept the chimney. There are no guidelines to refer to. To get a quote for lining your chimney by a HETAS registered engineer contact us via our HETAS installer website.


If you need fuel we have recommended some local suppliers below

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Where can I get smokeless coal?

Get solid fuels delivered to your door by:

  • W Jellis Coal Merchants. Stevenage. Call 01438 741409

Where can I get seasoned wood?

Get logs delivered to your door by:

  • Phillip Allen (Tree Surgeon). Arlesey. Call 01462 834411
  • Mr Goddard. Pirton. Call 01462 712692

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Can my old wood burner be swept?

If you have an old wood burner that was installed before 2010 then it is likely that it doesn't meet current building regulations and safety standards. Your appliance should have a physical connection to the top of the chimney to make sure that gases and soot are fully burnt and don't gather in the chimney causing flammable areas that can cause it to set on fire. Stoves installed after 2010 tend to have a flexible liner fitted, or connect to clay liner blocks and are safer to use as well as burning fuel more efficiently; saving you money as well as the planet.


When stoves are fitted, the installer must make sure that there is access for future sweeping to remove the soot and debris in the chimney or flue. Stoves without a liner must therefore have a sweeping hatch, usually in the register plate. If you do not have access then we will not be able to sweep your chimney but will still be charged for the inspection, advice and certification. 


The chimney sweep is not allowed (by law) to un-assemble an installation made by another engineer, in order to sweep the chimney and will, instead, declare it unsafe to use.



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