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Chimney Sweep Bookings

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Fireplaces and Surrounds also fitted


For weekday sweeps from 9am and 5pm
View the map to see the areas that we sweep and find your location. Zoom in to find your area and follow the link to book.
Alternatively visit or click the gold button.

Early morning sweep between 7:30am and 9am
For people who need to get on with their day.
We will arrive before 9am and be finished before 10am.
Book a breakfast-time sweep - or click the orange button.


Evening sweep between 5pm and 6:30pm

For customers who can get home before 5pm.
We will arrive after 5pm and be finished before 7:30pm.

Book a Tea-time sweep  - or click the brown button.


Weekend sweeps arriving after 10am

For customers who are at work all week. 2 hour window.

Book a weekend sweep - or click the red button.

 For our other chimney sweeping services, we will need to quote first so click here to arrange a free visit (within 22 miles of Hitchin)

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Book the sweep to arrive between 9am and 5pm
Book a chimney sweep at Breakfast time
Book a sweep for after 5pm
Book the chimney sweep to visit at the weekend

If your sweep is urgent then we will try to fit you in sooner if we can. We will do our best to rearrange our diary and find you an appointment in the next few days.
Click here to provisionally book an urgent sweep if, for example; your carbon monoxide alarm is constantly triggering; you have a bird trapped in the chimney; you have smoke coming back into the room; you have no heating in the house because your woodburner/ gas fire is failing or unsafe.




Save £5 on your online booking by entering this code - WEB5

Save 5% on your entire booking when booking 5 or more chimney sweeps. Sweeps must be in the same time window and in the same area - enter WEB5MORE


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